Your favorite music player for your iTunes Music

Available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad





Instant a new playlist from your iTunes library based on the song that is playing

[+] More of the same artist
[+] More of the same genre
[+] More of the same album
[+] More of the same period of release
[+] More in the range of Beats per minute

Or choose one of the smart playlists
[+] A random mix
[+] All music shuffled
[+] Most played songs
[+] Recent purchased songs
[+] Music before the ’70s
[+] Music from the ’70s
[+] Music from the ’80s
[+] Music from the ’90s
[+] Music from the present

Other features
[+] BPM detection of downloaded songs
[+] Several themes
[+] Parallax background
[+] Animated transitions of album art
[+] Customize your playlist
[+] Universal app for iPhone and iPad
[+] Fast forward and fast rewind on long press of skip-buttons
[+] Haptic feedback on buttons
[+] Visual feedback on buttons

Your impuls, your music flow!

Good to know
*No data connection? No problem, Impuls Music plays with the songs that are on your device
*Impuls Music requires IOS 11 as a minimum in order to give you the best experience
*Privacy notice: Impuls Music requires access to your music library in order to work
*In order to make a playlist based on the BPM count, BPM information in iTunes is required.