Your smart music player for your music

Available on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple Watch

Create a playlist fast and easy to play your iTunes music and downloaded Apple Music. With a tap on a button create contextual playlists, based on the song that is currently playing to stay in your music flow. Or choose one of many smart playlists.

Personal smart mix
[+] Create your own smart mix based on your preferences

Possible contextual playlists
[+] All songs from the same artist
[+] All songs from the same album
[+] All songs from the same genre
[+] All songs from the same period
[+] All songs within the same bpm range*

Possible smart playlists
[+] Most played songs
[+] Recently purchased songs
[+] Random selection of songs
[+] All songs
[+] Songs from the 70’s
[+] Songs from the 80’s
[+] Songs from the 90’s
[+] Selected genre
[+] Selected artist

Apple Watch features
[+] Select smart playlists
[+] Pause-play-next

Other features
[+] A bpm scanner for your downloaded music
[+] set your own theme
[+] reorder your menu

Good to know
[+] FlowTune respects your privacy. We do not collect personal data. Need to know more? Please read our privacy policy.
[*] Bpm information needs to be available. You can edit/add this information in iTunes.